Serik Municipality-Serik/Antalya/TURKEY

(Project Coordinator)

ECBM-European College of Business and Management-London/ENGLAND


The European College was founded in 1989 by the British-German Chamber of Commerce in London. Its main task is to organise (vocational) training courses for its members. The main object is to create courses “to measure” at a competitive cost, which respond exactly to the needs of the users. The courses include a theoretical as well as a practical training part, and they point out to teach the so-called “key skills” and cross-European competences. The College organises short courses (2-3 weeks) as well as programs which last up to 2 years, and they include the following fields: commerce, banks, insurance, tourism etc., sometimes linked to direct work placements in the UK. Since the very beginning, the College grew constantly, and because of this it was necessary (in 1998) to change the legal seat. The College maintains optimal relations to a large number of Chambers of Commerce, to companies, associations, organisations not only in the UK, but also all over Europe.

ECBM is a founding member of the SLEST group and has participated in all former and present LdV-LLP-projects of the group (ESB; SLEST; SLEST-TOI)

Scuola Universitaria Europea Per İl Turismo -Milano/ITALY



UET has three branches in Italy (Rome, Palermo and Milan), one in China (Shanghai) and since recently also a branch in New Delhi (India) and possesses the ufficial authorisation of the School Ministry to issue diplomas in the field of tourism in Italy. UET is part of the international network “Unité d’Enseignement du Tourisme”, founded in Paris by tour operators like Nouvelles Frontière. It issues the T.P.S.T. (Certificato di Tecnico Polivalente Superiore del Turismo), acknowledged by the French Ministry of Tourism and Vocational Training. UET offers a wide range of vocational training which allows an immediate work placement in all parts of tourism business (travel agencies, hotels, tour operators etc.).

SNTL Publishing -Berlin/GERMANY


SNTL Publishing implements software solutions and services in the field of content and knowledge management.  The company has a focus on institutions and companies in the fields of medicine, technology, research and education. SNTL develops professional publishing software and solutions for modern web projects – primarily with Open Source technologies.

  1. Since 2004, the University of Bern with eight faculties and 160 institutes counts on the Content Management System of SNTL based on ZMS. After more than 10 years of successful operation, a university wide relaunch is currently implemented with a responsive design based on ZMS 3.0.
  2. Since 2005 SNTL provides technical support for the 200 clients homepage of DESY of the Helmholtz Association – one of the world’s leading accelerator centres located in Germany.
  3. For the „University Hospital Jena“, a web portal has been developed since 2013, which integrated all functions of a Campus Management System, such as lecture schedules, enrollments and that extends to a content management system for teaching.
  4. In a three year project for GIZ – the German federal enterprise for international cooperation – a “Management Information System” for the environment and crisis managenment in India was conceptualized and implemented and is still in full operation. Data from satellites is collaboratively evaluated by several Indian ministries and hundreds of training programs are inmplemented. .
  5. SNTL conceptualised and implemented the leading children’s oncology information service for physicians and patients in Germany, initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and operated by the „Competence Network for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology“.

For two years yeepa, the knowledge gaming platform yeepa has been evaluated by the German „University of Mainz“ and a number of corporate clients with very positive results. yeepa is a software solution for real time multi-player quiz gaming and measuring competencies. yeepa uses psychometric methods implemented also in PISA of the OECD. While PISA is an imposed  summative test for individuals performed with paper and pencil, yeepa is a socially interactive gaming platform on the Internet. Gamers can join the competition in a self-organized way enrolled by name or anonymously using any mobile device or PC with a browser. yeepa is a highly scalable serious gaming system using the Tornado server architecture similar to the one of Facebook. It can therefore  provide knowledge competitions for an entire professional community, an entire population of a country and even all of Europe.